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Sinergie Group on board with Touchland!

We appeared in the Sinergie Group Magazine! You can read it on the link below: http://www.sinergie-group.com/images/documenti/156-10-focuson6interattivoENG.pdf Thanks for the story and the commitment; we will continue fighting to change the world day by day.   Honda Fire Pump Price Portable Fire…

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Hand Hygiene: Why, How and When

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends cleaning your hands minimum 3-4 times per day “by rubbing them with an alcohol-based formulation”. Clean hands are really important. Thousands of people die every day by infections acquired thorough hands. The WHO suggests…

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Touchland Stickers launch!

We just did it. We created a new way to have your Kub2go close and show it proudly. How? With our Touchland stickers! You can play with them and make your Kub2go a reflection of what you are and what…

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Yesterday was Hand Hygiene day and we celebrated with our lovely smiley hands to support our social campaign Touchlives and get awareness about the hand washing habit! The day was great and a lot of people worldwide participated showing their…

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  Yesterday we celebrated Sant Jordi in a very special way. We enjoyed a sunny day in Barcelona with our pop up at DM OPTICS full of roses, kub2go & good vibes. We want to thank to all those who…

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Shooting day at the most innovative beauty surgery center of Europe

We really enjoyed our shooting day yesterday at Ivan Mañero @imclinic with our ambassador Elsa Anka @elsaanka8 and the blogger Amalia R. Diaz @amaliardiaz.     Ivan Mañero is a pioneer plastic surgery clinic based in Sant Cugat. Their facilities…

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Meet Andrea Lisbona, Founder & CEO of Touchland

Meet Andrea Lisbona, she is the Founder and CEO of touchland and touchlives, where she leads an international team of 32 people (and counting!) who are setting out to rethink, reclaim, and redefine hand hygiene! She founded Touchland with 24…

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Pinktrotters travel box with touchland kub2go

We are very happy to collaborate with PinkTrotters and their first Concept box launch: TRAVEL BOX! We are glad to see Touchland featuring as one of the must have travel accessories. Travel with clean hands with kub2go: the perfect travel mate! Thanks to…

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WATER COUNTER – Touchland contribution to save WATER

Touchland promotes a sustainable alternative to traditional hand washing and we are proud to announce that until now we have saved more than 241 million liters of water to the planet! Help us create awareness about our most precious scarce…

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KUB benefits for a Restaurant!

Touchland KUB touchless dispenser generates many benefits to all kind of businesses and homes. One of the moments where hand hygiene is crucial is when you eat & interact with food. Since 80% of infectious diseases spread through hands, keeping…

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