About Us

Do you realize that you hands enable you to create the most incredible memories of your life?

Touchland was born to allow everyone to live without fears of touching as they interact with the world.

We have revolutionized “hand hygiene” with a new smart, sustainable/ & fun way to take care of your health.

We want you to go see the world, touch, feel and live.


one by one

  • Andrea Lisbona Founder & CEO

    Touchland has changed my life. It’s been an amazing experience. Starting my own startup at the age of 24, and see it grow through hard work and overcoming all the obstacles along the way is gratifying. We have created a new way of life. I strongly believe that CSR should be a must for all companies and that’s why we have created “Touchlives”, in order to have a social impact in the world that goes beyond sales and revenues.

    My background is quite varied. I have an Undergraduate and Master in Management degree from ESADE and a Design Undergraduate degree from IED (European Institute of design). My previous work experience before Touchland is the following.


    3 chic showroom


    Member of the CEO – Collaborative Forum

    3rd place in the Spanish Championship Judo

    “Two things define you:
    Your patience when you have nothing & your attitude when you have everything”

  • Mauricio Guardala COO

    3 years ago I took a journey to Barcelona looking for a new style of life regarding my work responsibilities. After spending 4 months in Canada and seeing a few innovative ways to take care of myself, I left with an idea in my head but nothing concrete. Once in Barcelona I knew that I had to prove myself that I was right.  Eventually a friend introduced me the Touchland Founder, Andrea Lisbona (3 years ago) when the startup had one year of life. Once we shared our experiences we shook hands and we start to REVOLUTIONIZE the hand hygiene world.

    It´s has been an unforgettable 3 years of professional and personal growth, opening a window into the world taking care of the human race.

    Born in 08 – 03 – 1984
    A soccer Fan /Snowboard/Adrenaline Sports
    All my live has been related with innovation and trends creation by the fashion business where creativity is one of the main bases in this world.
    General Manager of a british brand in Venezuela : Lee Cooper

    Don´t let the money change you!


    I’ve been involved in this project since two years ago, i’ve seen born the new project from the beginning and i’m super excited to be part of this.

    I worked as an engineer in a international construction company travelling around the world, this has prepared myself in the logistic and technical part.

    Stop dreaming, Start doing

  • Nico G. Financial Advisor

    Has participated in various roles at Touchland including, but not limited to:


    Sales Representative





    Product development

    Previous experience in entrepreneurship, consulting, pharma, and investment banking.

    It’s not about how hard you fall but about how fast you get back up

  • Marc Rovira Business Developer

    Working in Touchland is working in Family. Everyone is willing to do what is necessary to move forward. Hard work is constant and respect is mutual. Everyone adds and everyone knows what he or she is able to do.

    CEO & Co-founder of HIOS, smart home software.

    Consultant at a Piece of Pie

    Worked as an aerospace engineer for zero2infinity

    Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at ESADE, Spain

    Master in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Bath, England.

    “Lead by example”

  • Miquel González Brand Communicator

    Touchland is an ambitious, collaborative and youth team that works hard focused on a single objective: to change the world.

    Being part of Touchland is the real way to experiment how exciting a start-up environment is. Everyone here looks on the same direction, success.

    Strategic communications consultant since 2007.

    Humanist and Journalist

    Master in Communications Management at UAB, Spain.

    Worked as corporate communications consultant, leading projects for B2C and B2B brands in IT industry, cultural, pharmaceutical and turism companies.

    "Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out”.  John Wooden



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We will be presenting more than a years worth of work involving the major players in various sectors to deliver the first and most innovative line of products Touchland that will set us at the forefront of the industry as leaders.

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Touchland was awarded the “Cambra” award for CSR in June, for as designing a solution that allows users and companies to safe water in each use.


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Sales are divided amongst the countries that have joined Touchland along the way. Currently in 10 countries: Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Kenya, Tanzania, Venezuela, Brazil, Egypt, Russia, Kazakhstan. Touchland starts developing a new focus and approach, more modern and innovative, to a traditional and commodity focused market.

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We were given the chance to be an orator at the European commission to promote entrepreneurship spirit. The experience was memorable because not only did it allow us to forum about the relationship between universities and businesses from a young entrepreneurs’ point of view, but also motivate future generation.


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Radio RTVE program “Tengo una idea”, with the idea of promoting innovative and creative ideas, did a workshop in ESADE with Connecting Brains. With their methodology, Touchland was able to map, define and communicate a real challenge with the objective of creating a strategic plan.

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We founded our help program to aid “the Water Project”. Benefits obtained are dedicated to promoting drinkable and safe water to villages and people in remote and developing areas, through adequate infrastructure construction..


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TV anchor Pilar Rubio join the Touchland experience inviting politicians to join a ‘hands clean’ policy.

Founder Andrea Lisbona presents Touchland in the ‘ELS MATINS’ TV program with Marta Casagolda for the World hand hygiene day.


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After 2 intense days of work with 9 other finalists, we are proud of were we have come, and being the winners with such a tremendous competition is more than exciting.

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