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Use it on the go

Modern lifestyle makes us live in a hurry all the time – we are always on the move. We do not want you to worry about what you touch. Kub2Go gives you the freedom to continue living unforgettable experiences while taking care of your health & keeping your hands sanitized.

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Keeps you healthy

Have you ever experienced the need of wanting to wash your hands but being unable to because you can’t find a hygienic place?

According to the CDC, increasing hand hygiene is the best way to prevent illness and infections.

Whenever, wherever. It’s in your hands!

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It fits in your pocket.

The brilliant design of the Kub2Go allows you to carry it around with you all the time. It’s light weight, ergonomics and dimensions enables you to fit it in your pocket

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Give color to your life. Smell

Choose your favorite fragrance.

For you, for her, for us, for work, for fun, for the car, or simply because you want it different." – want what different?. Personalize your Kub2Go.

What do you prefer? Mint, Strawberry, Vanilla Cinnamon, Lavender, Aloe Vera, Citrus or Neutral. Find out more

Customize yours

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Bring yours home

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