• Money isn't all you are saving
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Save money & keep your hands clean

We have found a more economic way to wash your hands without the need to use water, soap and drying.

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Water is our most precious scarce resource

Every time you wash your hands, you waste 2 liters of water. The World Health Organization recommends that you wash your hands 4 times a day – that equates to 2920 liters per person spent on water each year. What if we could find a sustainable way to sanitize your hands without using so much water?

In 2025, two thirds of the population will have limited access to water. Contribute to save water with us.

Check out how many millions liters of water we have saved so far through our water counter

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Engineered to maximize the battery life

The touchland KUB is engineered to avoid any maintenance problems to the user. With a battery life of over 2 years or 50.000 uses, you can enjoy the experience without having to worry about maintenance.

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